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SEC545: Cloud Security Architecture and Operations

SEC545 [ PDF= 2020 Video = 2020 USB = 2020 ]

SEC545 offers an in-depth breakdown of security controls, services, and architecture models for public cloud environments. We cover brokering and security-as-a-service to help better secure SaaS access, containers and PaaS architecture and security considerations, and the entire spectrum of IaaS security offerings and capabilities. Between the lecture and a number of detailed hands-on labs, security operations, engineering, and architecture professionals will learn about all key areas of security controls in the cloud, how to properly architect them, the foundations of cloud defense and vulnerability management, as well as a primer on cloud security automation. Students will walk away with the tools and skills they need to help design secure cloud architecture for their own organizations.

Syllabus SEC545

SEC545.1: Cloud Security Models and Controls

SEC545.2: Cloud Security Architecture and Operations I

SEC545.3: Cloud Security Architecture and Operations II

SEC545.4: Cloud Security Offense + Defense Operations

SEC545.5: Cloud Security Automation and Orchestration