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24 ژانویه 2021
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SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering

SEC530 [ PDF= 2020 Video = 2020 USB = 2020 ]

This course is designed to help students build and maintain a truly defensible security architecture. There will be a heavy focus on leveraging current infrastructure (and investment), including switches, routers, and firewalls. Students will learn how to reconfigure these devices to better address the threat landscape they face today. The course will also suggest newer technologies that will aid in building a robust security infrastructure.

Syllabus SEC530

SEC530.1: Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering
SEC530.2: Network Security Architecture and Engineering
SEC530.3: Network-Centric Security
SEC530.4: Data-Centric Security
SEC530.5: Zero-Trust Architecture: Addressing the Adversaries Already in Our Networks
SEC530.6: Hands-On Secure-the-Flag Challenge