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SEC511: Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations

SEC511 [ PDF= 2020 Video = 2020  USB = 2020 ]

This course assesses the current state of security architecture and continuous monitoring, and provides a new approach to security architecture that can be easily understood and defended. When students finish, they have a list of action items in hand for making their organization one of the most effective vehicles for frustrating adversaries. Students are able to assess deficiencies in their own organization’s security architectures and affect meaningful changes that are continuously monitored for deviations from their expected security posture.

Syllabus SEC511 

SEC511.1: Current State Assessment, Security Operation Centers, and Security Architecture

SEC511.2: Network Security Architecture

SEC511.3: Network Security Monitoring

SEC511.4: Endpoint Security Architecture

SEC511.5: Automation and Continuous Security Monitoring

SEC511.6: Capstone: Design, Detect, Defend