Global Central Bank: An Enterprise Cyber Range

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3 آوریل 2021
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Global Central Bank: An Enterprise Cyber Range

Global Central Bank (GCB) is a one of a kind Enterprise Windows and Active Directory Cyber Range. It helps enterprises test capabilities of both their Red and Blue teams in an Enterprise Windows network

GCB is a true multi-forest environment that mimics a financial institution’s network. Teams can test cutting-edge TTPs as GCB is built completely on fully patched Server 2019 machines. It includes abuse or bypass of many recommended defence mechanisms LAPS, JEA, WSL, RBCD, WDAC, ASR, AWL, Credential Guard, CLM, virtualization and more. User simulation is used to make it a true enterprise network

It is useful for both Red and Blue teams as very verbose logging is configured across the lab and teams can analyse the logs using the ELK installation in the labs

GCB enables enterprises to simulate actual adversaries by focusing on goals rather than just getting privileged access to machines. For effective adversary simulation and exciting gamification, the end goal of GCB is to initiate a fake transfer of funds from the target bank


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