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FOR572: Advanced Network Forensics: Threat Hunting, Analysis, and Incident Response

FOR572 [ PDF= 2019 Video = 2019 USB = 2019 ]

Whether you handle an intrusion incident, data theft case, employee misuse scenario, or are engaged in proactive adversary discovery, the network often provides an unparalleled view of the incident. SANS FOR572 covers the tools, technology, and processes required to integrate network evidence sources into your investigations to provide better findings, and to get the job done faster.

Syllabus FOR572

FOR572.1: Off the Disk and Onto the Wire
FOR572.2: Core Protocols & Log Aggregation/Analysis
FOR572.3: NetFlow and File Access Protocols
FOR572.4: Commercial Tools, Wireless, and Full-Packet Hunting
FOR572.5: Encryption, Protocol Reversing, OPSEC, and Intel
FOR572.6: Network Forensics Capstone Challenge