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21 ژانویه 2021
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10.5 گیگابایت

AUD507: Auditing & Monitoring Networks, Perimeters & Systems

AUD507 [ PDF= 2016 USB = 2016 ]

AUD507 gives you the three things needed to measure, report on, and manage risk in the enterprise: tools, techniques and thought processes. Auditors, managers, security and compliance professionals will get the mix of hands-on experience and classroom discussion they need to better protect their organizations. You’ll learn to audit Windows, Linux, containers, web technologies, virtualization and networks.

Syllabus AUD507
AUD507.1: Enterprise Audit Fundamentals; Discovery and Scanning Tools
AUD507.2: Auditing Private and Public Clouds, Containers and Networks
AUD507.3: Web Application Auditing
AUD507.4: Advanced Windows Auditing and Monitoring
AUD507.5: Advanced UNIX Auditing and Monitoring
AUD507.6: Audit the Flag Capstone Exercise